Hosting for professionals and organizations

Why should you host your webs, mail plans and servers with us? Do you want a fast response web, without losing traffic and high quality support? Come with us, we will take care of your services as you expected!

All hosting solutions offered by ASPL hosting have valuable features not usually available in the market, that combined with our customer support, will give you the qualify for your projects you are looking for.



All our hosting solutions includes high availability support with real-time replication into a secondary server. This way, we provide an always-on infrastructure so your project/server/web/mail-server will be 99,9% available even in the case a hard hardware failure appears.

Using a combination of last generation Open Source technologies for virtualization (KVM), real time block replication (DRBD) and logical volume management (LVM), ASPL-hosting offer you high availability on its all products: web hostings, mail hostings and Cloud servers.

This technology allows you to run your project/web/server on a primary system that sends in real-time all the data to a secondary. This way, the secondary server can take over the functions of the primary in case of non-recoverable major fault, allowing a very high recovery rate from failure.

Advanced management

For all products offered by ASPL-hosting, you will have an administration panel, called Core-admin which will allow you to easily manage all your services from a central panel.

Core-admin has been developed by ASPL  to provide you with the most advanced services of the market for administration, configuration and management. You can get more information about our administration panel following next link.

Effective monitoring

Our supervision system watches for more than a hundred of critical points that your project/web/server/cloud relies on. That way, if a failure appears our technical support team will start working on the problem to fix it as soon as possible with the sole intention to avoid that error reach final user.

Small changes service

Whenever you need small changes on your web site (like address and phones updates, or adding an image or upload a document) count on us to do it without any cost.

Datacenters located in Spain

Your webs, your data and mails, with all backups are located in datacenters located in Madrid, Spain.

Backup included

We do the backup of your data daily. They are monitored by our system department with a 30-day rolling window, checked and supervised every day.