Problems with your email server?

If you have problems with your email server, email plan or email hosting and your current provider is not giving you solutions or you are experiencing some of the next problems:

  • You cannot received certain emails form different providers, users or devices.
  • You cannot send more mails than a given amount and no alternative is provided.
  • You do not receive all your emails.

If you are experiencing some of these problems and want a permanent solution,  count on us. We will provide the support you need, giving answers to yours organization needs, in order to achive the main goal of a email server: send and receive emails with all the security and without problems

But transfering all the service is problematic, isn't it? Can you help us?

Sure! We will handle all transfer details so you can migrate your mail server with peace of mind.

This includes migration of mail plans (shared hosting) and dedicated servers into shared plans or dedicated mail servers (where, along the service you will have full backups, service administration and high availability service).

Do you have any information about the services you offer?

You can follow next links to read more about our services. If you have any doubt or need clarification, contact us.

Why people are trusting us?

Administración de servidores linux


We have been providing management services, maintenance and monitoring for internet and office servers since 2000.


No problems

We will handle your service and your servers to make it run as you want, leaving more time for the rest of your activities.


Safety included

Your servers and services will be safe and monitored to avoid problems both internal and external.


PRO Service

Professional service managed rigorously and with one goal: to ensure the service is available as much time as possible.

Get the service

To get our services, please contact us. Our technical support will contact you to assess needs and guide you with the activation process.