ASPL-hosting offers Cloud servers and dedicated cluster servers where you can provide internet services or group together several services in one provider.

If you need a team of Linux/Windows administrators as support, with our Cloud servers and cluster, you will get it.

Why are we different?

All our servers (Cloud and clusters) include administration service, support and maintenance. Moreover, thanks to our panel core-admin, you will have a supervision and countinuos monitoring.

What service fit better in my bussiness?

infraestructura avanzada

Cloud server

  • I need capability but not a dedicated server.
  • I neet to update my webs by a special configuration that it can not be done in a hosting.

servidores ASPL

Servers cluster

  • I need a lot of capability to host many hostings (more than 100).
  • I need to do advanced configurations like load balance in servers and databases.



Administration service, support and maintenance



Supervision service and continuous monitoring.


Quality of service

You will count with a high qualified technical team.