A group of Linux system administrators at your service

Since 2000 ASPL is providing advanced administration services, effective monitoring and maintenance of Linux systems, developing during these years a deep knowledge and experience about this type of installations.

  • ASPL is a company specialized in  Linux systems and in their integration with other platforms.  ASPL is an innovative company, involved in Open Source development, taking part and developing Software available under licenses approved by Open Source Initiative, with the goal of providing high quality solutions for our customers.

Your server: a system that needs administration and professional monitoring

All servers with Internet services and even more if they provide services like Web, Mail, DNS or FTP need to be managed and configurated to obtain high performace and security to ensure it is working as expected. Moreover, these servers should have effective monitoring to guarantee they are available and in optimal operation level.

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Why an effective monitoring is needed?

The basis for a system to work properly is the early detection of errors that happens, to resolve them as soon as possible, even before they are visible by the end user. To do an effective monitoring it is needed an infrastructure that supervises the server and also it is needed qualified staff that know how to read the information and resolve the problem doing the appropiate tasks. ASPL-hosting provides you both.
infraestructura avanzada

What is the administration service?

Even if you have an administration web panel that will offer you the possibility to do most of the management tasks (like register new domains or users), if a server error happens or, an user has difficulties to use the service or, it is needed to make an adjustment to resolve high perfomance problems, so you will need a technical support team that have the experience to resolve those kind of tasks. ASPL-hosting will provide you these services for Cloud servers and dedicated servers (clusters).

Prevent security breaches

Our administration service includes configurations and adjustements in order to minimise server security failures.


Packages update?

Keeping the software updated is fundamental to keep the server safe. So packages updated and their installation is included in the administration service, without lose data or internal operations.


Bugs or failure applications

Do you have an application with errors in your server? We will do our best to change the situation: updating, installing additional software to correct the lack, recovering the service automatically on failure …


Monitoring accesses

We do an effective supervision of all access to the system, checking how they are, if they are consistent or have been due to credentials substraction or similiar errors.


Attack detection

We do an effective monitoring in real time of the server real status to detect attacks and relieve their effects or block them. All these actions are done without customer notification.