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ASPL-hosting: Cloud and Linux systems specialists


We’re ASPL-hosting. We are focused and specialized on Cloud and linux administration and deployment that provide internet services. We develop OpenSource. Hundred of satisfied customers rely on us for their webhosting , mail plans and Cloud linux servers. Thanks to Core-Admin together with our experience and an excelent customer service, we can provide a service focused on making your systems to be always available monitored, available and in optimal conditions.

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ASPL at OpenExpo 2018


In the final for Best Cloud solution


Get your ticket using the promotional code GOE18209 and visit us on stand 43.
Our talk is about AKKA and SCALA, their features for our new implementation of MQTT protocol.

infraestructura avanzada

Cloud Linux Servers

Linux cloud servers, with guaranteed resources, high availability system and the administration and supervision, that you need for your projects, all included.

ASPL Hosting, web hosting

Massive SMTP Server

Count on our experience in SMTP mail servers. They are continuously supervised and have support for email marketing and transaccional notifications.


Linux Web Hosting

Know more about our linux hosting plans with effective monitoring included, 30-day rolling window backup and anti-hacking service.


Secure mail plans

Know more about our mail plans, with monitoring service and 30-day rolling window backup.

ASPL mqtt

MQTT managed hosting

Know the most popular IoT (Internet of Things) technology: MQTT and our hosting plans of MQTT servers, ready to use.


Linux administration plans

Know more about out administration linux plans in external infraestructure.


Core-admin panel

Read more about Core-Admin. A web administration panel to manage and monitor all your servers.



We offer a simple and complete service to backup your servers. Daily run with a 30-day rolling window.


Hosting services

Hostings with centralized administration, with Core-Admin support, featuring high availability for webs, mail accounts and FTP.

ASPL traslado

Want to come with us?

We can handle all transfer details for your domain, web hosting, Cloud servers and dedicated servers without any additional expense.


SSL Certificates

We take care of emission, installation and renewal for your  your Professional SSL certificate and Let’s Encrypt. There’s also support for self-managed Let’s Encrypt Certificates.

registro dominios

Domain registration

Use our domain search engine to get domain availabilty, or to transfer your domain. Get all support needed for all domain configurations.

Are you a developer or a provider?

If you are looking for a strong and dedicated partner, and you need high skilled support team to ensure your server operations, count on us.