Prestashop PHPUnit vulnerability: remote code execution hacking

Recently, #Prestashop published a security failure affecting several versions using PHPUnit:

We confirm we are detecting an spike in hacking events using this vulnerability by an attacker group that seems to be using the failure to infect using the same procedure.

Even though we are taking messures to block and better detect these, we recommend you to review your Prestashop installation to make sure it is not affect. Next it is an article where we explain in more detail the problem ...

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Troubleshooting performance problems caused by #WordPress #cron

Did you know that #Wordpress includes a #cron generic support that is used for task automation, carry maintenance, record rotation, etc?

This #cron provided by #Wordpress is provided with the aim to always have a generic mechanism, that is always available in all platforms. However, it has several disadvantages that can impact your web’s security and performance.

Next article we explain how to disable it, what implies to do so and how to reactivate it but using a system real cron:

Disabling ...

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Introducing Managed Discourse hosting : ASPL-hosting


Get to know Discourse: more than a forum software. A platform that allows you to manage topics you are interested in with your users, customers, fans, followers…
This platform has several advantages compared with other solutions:

  1. It has an easy to use design to create questions and answers using a very easy to use markup language.
  2. It has an indexation system to make ...
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How to manage engine rules, content rules and trusted senders with Core-Admin

Next article describes how to use #AmavisManager, a #CoreAdmin application, to manage different configurations for #Amavis spam filter engine.

These configurations are managing content rules, engine rules and trusted senders (white lists):

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