Introducing Managed Discourse hosting : ASPL-hosting


Get to know Discourse: more than a forum software. A platform that allows you to manage topics you are interested in with your users, customers, fans, followers…
This platform has several advantages compared with other solutions:

  1. It has an easy to use design to create questions and answers using a very easy to use markup language.
  2. It has an indexation system to make ...
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How to manage engine rules, content rules and trusted senders with Core-Admin

Next article describes how to use #AmavisManager, a #CoreAdmin application, to manage different configurations for #Amavis spam filter engine.

These configurations are managing content rules, engine rules and trusted senders (white lists):

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How to configure Let’s Encrypt certificate for your shared hosting


letsencryptCore-Admin (, includes a specific application to manage and request Let’s Encrypt certificates. It also has a “one-click” application that allows requesting a certificate for a particular shared hosting. We explain how.

Request a Let’s Encrypt cert : one-click steps

Log in into your shared hosting panel, click on your Shared hosting application and then click on “Options”. Finally, click on “Request ...

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