Introducing Managed Discourse hosting : ASPL-hosting


Get to know Discourse: more than a forum software. A platform that allows you to manage topics you are interested in with your users, customers, fans, followers…
This platform has several advantages compared with other solutions:

  1. It has an easy to use design to create questions and answers using a very easy to use markup language.
  2. It has an indexation system to make very easy finding content published on the platform.
  3. It works with mobile, tablets and regular web browsers.
  4. Categories, rewarding system, favorite posts and much more.

We offer you Managed discourse plans  ( so you can focus on your community and forum. These are some features we offer:

  1. Setup on top of a replicated Cloud platform
  2. Configured from the beginning using secure certificate https:// Let’s Encrypt
  3. Managed backups
  4. Managed upgrades
  5. VPN access available (for example, for your or to make your forum VPN only accesible).

Want to see Disource in action?

We are using it to provide community and support. See it at: ASPLhosting community and support

Next steps

See all plans and details at: Managed discourse plans 

Any question or doubt, contact us.

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