Supervised service for external server backup

Do you have your servers in different datacenters and provides? Do you need a external backup, safe, cyphered and fully monitored?

We offer you a simple and complete service to backup your servers, mail servers and corporate applications, that will help you to have a complete daily backup of your whole server and data with a 30-day rolling window.

To have an external backup with a cyphered storage will allow you to comply with legal regulations about data protection and storage.


External backup

The backup is done by night, daily. The backup status is monitored by our tech team in order to ensure the process.


Rolling window

The backup service has a 30-day rolling window. This will allow you to restore files and data that were storaged in you server during the last 30 days.


Safe backup

All data will go out of your server already cyphered and will be stored like this. This way, the process will give you the security that your customers need, and at the same time, you will comply with the legal regulation for data protection.


Disaster protection

To have a external backup supervised by a specialized technical team that will offer you confidence you need. If the server crashes or is blocked you will have the reaction capacity because you wil have a backup.


Peace of mind

Our technical team will guide you through the configuration process to install the backup agent. Once it is done, the backup will run daily. Once it is completed, we will supervise the result and in case of failure we will take care of it.


Restore with no limits

You can request a backup restore (in the backup window) with no additional cost and with no limits.

Keep in mind the backup service does not include administration services for your server. Read more about our Linux administration plans in case you need this service.

All features included in the service

Following you will find all the information about backup service for external servers. This service offer you the possibility to backup your server until 50GB of data (referred as effective space).

If you need more space or more options, read our additional services. Count on us if you have any doubt or question about the service.

  Backup 110 service
Price, no taxes include:
(Service focus on hosting servers and web applications)
Terms and conditions
Ready for servers in other datacenters tick 
External backup in secure servers tick 
Backup frequency Daily
Rolling window 30-day
Secure copy (RSA encoded) before outgoing tick 
Restore with no limits tick 
Configuration support tick 
Backup completion supervised daily tick 
Max backup size up to 150 GB

Taxes are not included.

Available options to increase your space

Available options Service
Add +150GB to your backup space
Add +90GB to your backup space

Add +70GB to your backup space

Taxes are not included.


Keep in mind that the external backup service does not include the administration service for that server. That is, the backup service does not include administration tasks or configurations needed after a recovery process is done to use recovered data.

For Linux servers, you can read more about our administration plans, security and maintenance where those tasks are included: administration services for Linux servers.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any doubt about how to activate your service, or how it works and features included.