These terms and conditions extends and complements “General service terms and conditions — 2022-1” and they cover additional conditions for MQTT service.


  • – MQTT Service: a service designed to send and receive MQTT message, store them under some conditions, forwarning and managing those messages.
  • – SPAM: MQTT message distributed not neccessarily in a massive form which includes a content that is malicious or and add that is sent to a recipient that are not expecting to receive this content.
  • – Message measurer size: measure used to account consumed quota for a given message. A given message will use an amount of quota as a result of dividing that message by message measurer size and rounded to the nearest integer up. For example, a message of 1,2KB and a message measurer size of 0,5KB will account for 3 messages on each send and receive operation.


  • 2.1.- MQTT service provides to the customer an system that allows to send and receive messages using MTT, HTTP, HTTPS and other protocols.
  • 2.2.- MQTT service stores messages during its delivery, it can be temporary or in a permenent way, using subscription and storage mechanisms defined by the user (stashing).
  • 2.3.- Servers that are providing this service are also managing other hubs, domains and customers, so the service is not exclusively dedicated to a particular customer.
  • 2.4.- ASPL will provide all services associated, tools and upgrades that are considered required. These tools and upgrades will be made available at no cost unless there is not especifc additional cost previously advised, may them be optional or not.
  • 2.5.- ASPL is allowed to replace installed versions in their systems by newer or more suitable ones, advising them to the customer, in case ASPL considers them as required.
  • 2.6.- ASPL is allowed to interrupt the service provided due to needed upgrades, improvements, system repair operations or because needed hardware replacement associated to the service provided.
  • 2.7.- ASPL will provide technical support associated to the service acquired (unless they are free of cost editions). This technical support do not cover, in any case, anything that is associated to code and applications that provides service based on ours. In particular, technical support will be provided for everything that is related to the use of applications provided by ASPL, and technical issues that might have
    the customer using the service, as long as those issues are not caused by customer’s misuse, or because customer is not abiding by these terms and conditions. In such cases, technical support might require additional costs that will be communicated before hand to the customer. No technical support will be provided for code development, database design, etc, for which the customer accepts it has all knoledge needed to use service provided.
  • 2.8.- It is strictly prohibited to use the service to send SPAM. Sending SPAM might imply service suspension or even cancellation. Time during which service is suspended and/or cancelled will not account for service level agreement and will not suppose any compensation.
  • 2.9.- ASPL deploy internal daily backups for all storage associated to the service. ASPL will not be held responsible for data loss or removal, no matter if backups are working, being customer’s sole responsibility to have backups for their data.
  • 2.10.- Given the nature of a shared service, ASPL will reserve the right to reduce service performance in case of abuse or in case customer’s usage is causing problems to the rest of customers associated to the service. This performance reduction will not account for service level agreement and will not suppose any compensation.


  • 3.1.- Messages are accounted both on reception and when they are forwarded by the service to the rest of recipients.
  • 3.2.- For service quota calculation a “message measurer size” will be used to account how many message quota units are associated to a particular message (both on send and reception).
  • 3.3.- Once some quota limit is reached (minute, hour, day, month…) the rest of messages that are received or they are pending to be relayed in period quota affected, will be discarded.
  • 3.4.- Message discarded because quota has been exceeded will not be considered as a system failure and will not account for service level agreement and will not suppose any compensation.